November 28, 2023

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Which Gadget Upgrades To Get First In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Upgrading the right gadgets in the beginning can help players combat multiple enemies In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 without much difficulty.

When combating multiple enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players will need to use gadgets that will give them an advantage, and upgrading them can make all the difference. While playing as Peter Parker or Miles Morales, there will be times when their abilities will be on cooldown, and they are being overwhelmed by a myriad of enemies. Thankfully, using some gadgets can help get them out of sticky situations. Some of these gadgets are great for crowd control, which can be combined with other main Skills to take down tougher foes.

There are five gadgets that both Spider-Man can use throughout the story; however, you will want to unlock those that can let you subdue multiple enemies at once. Most main story and side quests involve dealing with multiple enemies, some of which you cannot take down in stealth. Therefore, during such situations, grabbing all enemies into one spot or suspending them in the air can give Peter or Miles a quick way to deal with enemies and villains alike.

The Best Gadget Upgrades To Get Early In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

You can use five gadgets in total, including an Upshot, Web Grabber, Sonic Burst, and Ricochet Web. In the early stages of the game, you will not have access to every gadget; some of them are unlocked via progressing the main story.

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However, there are still some gadgets that you will end up using right up until the very end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Here are the gadget upgrades you should focus on unlocking and upgrading first:




You can suspend multiple enemies in the air, making them vulnerable to Air Combos and the Yank Down move. Upgrade the Upshot to the second tier called “Heavy Pop,” which will also allow you to lift Brute enemies.

Web Grabber

The Web Grabber will enable you to pull multiple enemies into one place, making them vulnerable to AoE attacks. Use the Web Grabber in tandem with abilities to take out multiple enemies at once. At its highest upgrade tier, Web Grabber projectiles become an electrified throwable that can stun all enemies.


Upgrading the Web-Shooters to their maximum level can overpower even Brute enemies. Eventually, the Web-Shooter becomes a passive upgrade that increases Focus gain. At the fourth upgrade tier, you can create a Splash Zone near a single enemy that subsequently adds webbing to other enemies nearby.

Ricochet Web

This gadget will web up multiple enemies with projectiles that bounce between enemies. Upgrading it to the fourth tier will let you instantly web up brutes and knock back enemies with more force.

Upgrading gadgets can also provide an unequivocal advantage to Spider-Man during boss battles. However, these upgrades will be most beneficial for players looking to clear side activities such as collecting Marko’s Memoirs quickly to collect more Skill Points and Tech Parts in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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